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Increase customer order value by over 70%

Significantly reduce staff costs

Automatically capture customer data to power more targeted campaigns



QikServe is the leading global provider of technology that enables restaurant customers to order and pay themselves, on mobile, tablet, the web and kiosk. 

Fully integrated with Oracle POS, QikServe delivers a seamless and consistent consumer journey across all your guest touchpoints and channels, from the point of ordering to ongoing engagement and loyalty programs.  

Increase customer order value
Encourage guests to buy more and stay longer with built-in upsell prompts. A study of 1,000’s of QikServe’s client transactions shows a 50-73% increase in average check value!

Reduce Staff Costs
Remove the need for extra staff and let existing employees focus on great customer service for higher value guests who want or need additional attention.

Boost profits with targeted marketing
Attract new guests and drive additional revenue with targeted marketing campaigns powered by customer data and insights.

Drive operational efficiency
Remove pressure from busy environments, improve order accuracy and speed and let staff concentrate on great service.

Keep guests loyal
Grow customer lifetime value with personalized incentives and a differentiated, highly convenient multi-channel experience.

Spread the word with social media
Amplify brand exposure and capture valuable guest feedback with integrated social media functionality.


The QikServe platform is flexible, customizable, and can be rolled out as a single or multi-channel solution, scaling up as needed.

Getting started with QikServe couldn’t be simpler. With out-of-the-box functionality, you can be up and running in weeks with a fully branded, enterprise level, order and pay solution.

And – even better – QikServe also gives you a unified interface and content management system for ALL your guest facing integrations, including payment and loyalty.

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