Attract Me [Video]

QikServe’s Head of Sales, Gillian Jones explains how Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Casinos and other Hospitality operators can use mobile apps to attract guests to their venues.

From personalised offers, smart mobile loyalty to location based alerts – here’s how you can use mobile get ahead in a highly competitive market.

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Beat The Minimum Wage Blues

5 ways mobile technology can fight the hike to make your restaurant business stronger than ever

This year, some of the lowest paid workers, mostly in the retail and hospitality industries, will receive a basic pay rise on both sides of the Atlantic.  Great news for staff but how can the many operators, struggling with wage hikes offset these costs or even turn this huge challenge into a revenue generating opportunity for their business?

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Get Smart: 10 reasons why your restaurant’s loyalty programme is failing you and how to fix them

Loyalty scheme or tepid turn-off? 

We lay bare the restaurant loyalty landscape bringing you 10 key lessons straight from industry leaders of brand loyalty that’ll take your programme out of the Dark Ages and ensure you’ll never lose a customer to a competitor again

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Bon App-etite: 6 ways Your Restaurant Can Make Money With Mobile

Your guide to how mobile order and payment can drive revenue for your restaurant. 

Looking to catch that mobile app train but not sure where to jump on?  With smartphone adoption predicted to reach 3.5 billion by 2019 and a growing expectation from consumers for self-service, few restaurant operators can afford to ignore the role of mobile in their day-to-day operations.

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