The enterprise platform for guest self-service in hospitality

Give your guests the convenience to order and pay for their food and drinks whenever and however they want


Self-service and self-checkout kiosks are a great way to bust queues. Customers can browse, order and pay using intuitive displays that bring your menu and brand to life.


Give your customers the ability to view and pay their bill from their mobile device – when they want, how they want. Secure, fast and simple.


Ordering and payment via our mobile and web apps offers guests the ultimate convenience. Capture valuable customer insights during the ordering process.

Powerful in-store solutions from ordering to payment – on any device


Profits by increasing food and drink order value by up to 70%, streamlining in-store operations and improving order accuracy.


All your guest-facing interactions on one enterprise platform, from ordering through to payments and loyalty programs.


Your customers’ in-store experience by allowing them to interact with you whenever and however they choose.


Your customer service and eliminate queues to keep things moving quickly for your guests and your business.


The QikServe platform is flexible, customizable and can be rolled out as a single or multi-channel solution, scaling up as needed.


Our cloud-based platform provides centralized management of self-service options across all your locations and brands.


With multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, our platform is built to handle the demands of truly global businesses.


Functionality that suits your needs – our platform adapts to your service model and lets you design the customer journeys you want to offer.


Already proven in high-volume, multi-location businesses across the world, our platform is tried and tested and PCI-DSS compliant to the highest standard.

“The feedback we have received from both guests and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, and the QikServe-based ordering has been a pleasure to work with, allowing us to seamlessly build the ordering component into our point of sale system.”

— Walter Seib, CEO, HMSHost International

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Upsell without the hard sell. Encourage guests to buy more and stay longer with built-in upsell prompts. A recent study of 1,000 transactions from QikServe customers showed an uplift in spend per head of as much as 70%.

Struggling with rising labor costs? Take control by redistributing staff to higher value areas of your restaurant and supporting them with self-service order and pay technologies during busier periods.


Ready for today, built for tomorrow, our platform is designed to grow with your digital strategy: improving your guests’ experience now and in the future.

In addition to seamless integration with your POS system, our platform also integrates with your other back end systems from loyalty and marketing to payments ensuring a friction-free, truly omni-channel experience.


Allow your guests to interact and transact with you whenever and however they choose, whether through mobile, web, tablet or kiosk. Maintain the context of their journey across all channels, ensuring a convenient, consistent and personalized experience.

Boost loyalty, attract new customers and drive additional revenue with targeted marketing campaigns guided by automatic customer data capture and insights.


Today’s guests are not only used to immediate and personalized service but expect it. Keep things moving for them by eliminating queues and speeding up overall service especially in time-sensitive locations.

Offer that extra something when competing for new business. Make sure you stand out by providing the latest in guest-facing self-service order, payment and loyalty.


An eye-catching, high-definition, visually rich self-service experience – kiosks offer it all. And we provide the fastest way to roll out a highly scalable self-service kiosk order and payment solution.

With an engaging user interface and integrated EMV terminal, we provide a range of out-of-the-box functionality to ensure you can make kiosk ordering happen in record time. Our growing network of industry partners ensures that our kiosk solution can be rapidly deployed on a wide range of kiosk hardware to suit your needs.


After placing an order with serving staff, guests can use their mobile device to check-in at their table via Bluetooth, Wifi or contactless near-field communications (NFC). This allows them to view their bill and pay at their convenience – no more waiting to catch the waiter’s eye!

We make sure security is a priority by conforming to PCI-DSS requirements for payment card processing, implementing encrypted communications and strictly adhering to best practice security techniques within the data centre.


Give your guests more options for ordering and payment via mobile or tablet. A web app provides a quick and easy way to offer order, payment and loyalty capabilities for online web ordering, in-app web views, tablet and mobile. A web app is available via URL and allows you to offer consistent, exceptional customer service across multiple channels.

In addition, our native mobile application for iOS and Android can be fully branded, combining your logo, brand colors and images with our intuitive user interface.

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