January 12, 2021
Do you agree with our 2021 predictions?
Do you agree with our 2021 predictions?

Each year we put forward our predictions for the coming year. This year is no exception, though it will be exceptional! This is a time of mixed emotions and, at the time of writing, there’s no telling how restrictions placed on the food and beverage market might change from one week to the next.  

Though we can all agree that we’d like to put the events of 2020 to rest and start this year afresh, we also know that it is going to take time for a vaccine/s to eliminate the pandemic and for the world to then return to its new normal.  

Of course, COVID-19 wasn’t the only disruptive force in the market in 2020, socio-political and economic unrest have been fundamentally changing the way organisations do business and project their brand. The consumer persona is shifting, and what they want to see from their favourite companies is moving with it. Health and wellbeing, greater use of technology for customer engagement, support for the local community and ‘green’ practices are just some of the changes expected by customers.  

The global economy has also taken a hit as industries have been forced to slow their output, or halt altogether. So, as has been the case with every recession that has preceded this, adaptation will be needed to survive.  

Because the time we are living in is out of the ordinary, we are going to break with our usual format of our annual predictions report and deliver the content to you in two halves. Part one looks widely at the global economy and how recession will impact consumers and business operations. The second section looks at four specific trends set to develop through the coming year. 

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Felicity Williamson

Marketing Executive