Go digital, seriously digital

Gen-Y expect connectivity and instantaneousness in where they live, work and play. Make sure your website is informative, accessible on any device and most importantly, they can access their account at any time they feel like to see real-time information. The more a Gen-Y can do on their phone to make their life easier, the better. A fantastic example of this is booking a flight with BA (Other airlines are available) – all you need to board a flight to paradise is your phone and your passport.

Exceprt from Harry Prowse : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141106232042-101882531-selling-to-gen-y-how-to-win-them-over?trk=object-title

With consumer confidence stagnating and leisure spending down 6% (source: Greene King), it is going to be crucial going forward to attract the next generation of consumers however, as clearly highlighted by Harry Prowse’s blog, selling this generation present unique challenges.

I’m not just talking about your sales tactics. In fact, sales isn’t about selling anymore – it’s about creating a community that people want to be part of, a sale is just a result of that process. And, this is exactly what I’m talking about in this point – treat your community the same no matter what point in the buying process they are at.

It has never been more important to provide mobile tools to speed up service and enhance interaction with consumers.

Here at QikServe, we do not believe that this should cost the earth and we provide an amazing platform for mobile engagement in hospitality.

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