If you run a bar, restaurant or café and are in need of some creative concepts to keep your guests engaged then look no further!  Here’s our list of some of the best, bad and just bizarre concept restaurants from around the world.  Enjoy!

  1. Eatsa

A fully automated fast food restaurant where there are no front of house staff – you order and pay through an iPad instead of a waiter or cashier.  Food is made fresh in the back and delivered to a glass case for customer collection.  Eatsa was recently named by NRN as one of the most influential brands poised to influence the industry in a big way.

eatsa-2 eatsa-1


  1. Ultraviolet

The world’s first multi-sensory restaurant that uses the fact that customers have a stronger perception of the food they’re eating when it’s accompanied by a relevant sensory experience.  For example, whiskey has an oakier flavor when sitting by a fireplace and seafood tastes saltier when accompanies by the sound of the sea.  Ultraviolet’s 10 seat dining room is surrounded by video screens and speakers that provide and audio visual experience to go with your avant-garde 20-course menu.

ultraviolet-2 ultraviolet-1


  1. Dalu Robot

A robotic hotpot eatery with more than a dozen robotic wait staff of differing roles.  From entertainers to greeters, receptionists and servers, these robots do it all.  Each robot contains a sensor that stops them moving if someone is in its path.  And unlike Daleks, they can go up and down stairs!

dalu-robot-2 dalu-robot-1


  1. Ithaa

Rated the most beautiful restaurant in the world by the New York Daily News, Ithaa is the world’s first and only glass undersea restaurant.  It sits 5 meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean and offers a 180-degree panoramic view of the coral reef surrounding it.  The structure cost a staggering £3 Million to build, weighs 175 tonnes with another 85 tonnes of sand ballast used to weigh it down.

ithaa-2 ithaa-1


  1. Twin Stars

This restaurant in Russia hires only identical twins, wearing identical clothing, as staff to work the tables and bars.  Its owner claims that the concept was inspired by a 1964 Soviet film called Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors about a trippy alternative universe where a young girl befriends her reflection.



  1. Carton King

The brainchild of a former paper salesman where the entire restaurant, from plates and cups to chairs and decorations, is made out of cardboard.  Customers sip from cups made from recycled materials at a table made from cardboard and when a customer breaks a chair, it’s whisked away by a waiter to be recycled.

carton-king-2 carton-king-1


  1. Le Refuge des Fondues

A truly quirky fondue joint in Paris that serves wine in babies’ bottles – a clever shortcut to getting around the mandated tax Parisian restaurants face when serving wine out of the slightly more traditional stemmed glasses.

le-refuge-2 le-refuge-1



  1. Izakaya Kayabuki

A traditional style Sake House.  Oh, and they have monkeys wait-staff.  This is Yat Chan, he takes customers’ drinks orders and delivers them to diners’ tables.  Apparently, the owner never taught Yat Chen, he just learned by watching him work.  The monkeys receive boiled soya beans from customers as tips for their service!


  1. The Clinic

A medical themed bar and eatery where wheelchairs are used as standard seating and hospital beds for a more reclined dining experience.  Drinks are served in test tubes and customers are lit in the romantic beams of operating table lights while staff are dressed in medical whites.

the-clininc-2 the-clininc-1


  1. What’s wrong with plates? To end, for your entertainment, here are our highlights of some of the funniest things food has been served on (or in)…


plates-9 plates-7 plates-6 plates-5 plates-4 plates-3 plates-2 plates-1