Case Study : HMSHost International
Fast Track to Guest-Facing Solutions


Following the successful implementation and launch of mobile order and pay, the HMSHost partnership continues to grow as we prepare for expansion at Schiphol and beyond.  In June, HMSHost will launch their new flagship restaurant with mobile and guest facing solutions at the heart of their operations, as they look to create an immersive and engaging experience for travellers delivering on both service and customer experience.

We’re also working with HMSHost on integrating new online payment methods and formative thinking around guest loyalty and engagements with next phase exploring further integration into Oracle Hospitality’s Loyalty and Gifting Cloud Service.
Read all about the ground-breaking work we’re doing with HMSHost at Schiphol Airport in our implementation case study below. 

The Customer
HMSHost International is part of Autogrill S.p.A. – the world’s largest provider of food and beverage services for travellers. HMSHost is a recognized industry leader creating innovative dining locations at airports and motorways worldwide. HMSHost oversees more than 80 stores at Schiphol Airport which has a combined turnover of over €20 Million a year.

The Challenge
HMSHost required an integrated self-order and pay solution that would engage customers through the mobile channel as well as improve operational efficiencies in their restaurants at Schiphol Airport.  The solution needed to be quick to implement, handle multiple payment methods and currencies and live up to the innovation travellers have come to expect of today’s modern airport environments.

The Solution
HMSHost worked with QikServe to launch a mobile application at Schiphol Airport that allows guests to order and pay for food and drink using their smartphone. 

Integration into HMSHost’s existing Micros Simphony Point of Sale (POS) involved a two-step process:

  1. Store POS and Integration Layer communication
    Working with HMSHost IT, QikServe configured communications between the integration layer and the POS Server. This was the most challenging part of the process requiring some configuration on the POS, Transaction Services and a minor Micros software install.
  2. Integration Layer and QikServe Application communication
    The QikServe platform is tightly integrated with the Micros Integration Layer meaning much of the communications set-up took a matter of minutes.  As soon as a store was set-up on the integration platform, it could be replicated in the QikServe application. QikServe’s in-depth knowledge of the Integration Layer enabled the rapid creation of stores, menus, tenders and much more.

Within four hours, QikServe was able to place an end-to-end order into the POS.  Set-up in subsequent stores was much faster.

“The QikServe solution creates plenty of new opportunities, from loyalty to payment and ordering ahead, not only from tables but also at gates.  We see a lot of potential!” Dennis Hoogreef, Senior Director IT  & Facilities, HMSHost International

HMSHost provided QikServe with a detailed store menu, pricing, Micros SKU’s and all available option groups.  The menu was replicated within two days and further menu descriptions with accompanying images were subsequently added.

Table Locations
QikServe’s platform allows operators to login and configure their table locations and create a QR code and NFC location ID at the same time.  These locations mapped straight to HMSHost’s Micros tables and took roughly 10 minutes per store to configure.

Payment gateways
Given the international nature of operators at Schiphol Airport, it was important for HMSHost to have the ability to handle all major currencies and banks within their existing integrations and that all transactions were completely secure. QikServe is a trusted payment solution that is both secure and PCI compliant.

For card payments, HMSHost provided a unique identifier from their acquiring bank and QikServe handled the set-up with existing gateways.  Cash reconciled into HMSHost’s existing bank accounts meaning there was no back-office impact.

HMSHost was keen to make PayPal an available payment option. QikServe are a PayPal partner and have an excellent existing integration. HMSHost created a PayPal business account, provided QikServe with a few values and were ready to receive PayPal transactions within the hour.

All payment methods were linked to the operator’s Oracle Micros POS.

Prior to going live, QikServe ensured every menu item was configured correctly by placing orders into the POS. Once completed, the store was ready for launch.


The Results
Implementation of HMSHost’s mobile order and pay solution was extremely quick and almost entirely handled by QikServe.  The first end-to-end communications into Simphony POS at Schiphol Airport occurred in less than four hours.

Dennis Hoogreef, Senior Director IT & Facilities, HMSHost International explains, “Implementation was very fast for the first location and our relationship with QikServe continues to grow. 

“There is a whole new generation who live with their smart devices and we believe the future of customer engagement will be through mobile.  Self-order and pay improves efficiency, not only for operations but also customers and creates a unique selling point for our landlords.”   

“It is important that airports are innovative environments for customers. This solution creates plenty of new opportunities, from loyalty to payment and ordering ahead, not only from tables but also at gates.  We see a lot of potential and there is an extremely interesting future for both our organisations.”