Get Smart: 10 reasons why your restaurant’s loyalty programme is failing you and how to fix them

Loyalty scheme or tepid turn-off? 

We lay bare the restaurant loyalty landscape bringing you 10 key lessons straight from industry leaders of brand loyalty that’ll take your programme out of the Dark Ages and ensure you’ll never lose a customer to a competitor again.

Lacklustre loyalty schemes and blind, data-less guessing at what your customers want are killing programme effectiveness for restaurant operators. So what’s the secret to conquering diner devotion?



About QikServe
Our app lets diners order and pay for food and drinks straight from their smartphone.  Customer data is captured providing valuable insights to power highly personalised and targeted campaigns and to drive greater levels of loyalty.

QikServe is Oracle Hospitality’s first and only mobile order and pay solutions partner.   We are fully integrated with Oracle POS systems and our mobile ordering and payment apps are being used in restaurants, resorts, hotels, cafés, workplaces, universities, hospitals, casinos and bars worldwide.

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