5 ways mobile technology can fight the hike to make your restaurant business stronger than ever

This year, some of the lowest paid workers, mostly in the retail and hospitality industries, will receive a basic pay rise on both sides of the Atlantic.  Great news for staff but how can the many operators, struggling with wage hikes offset these costs or even turn this huge challenge into a revenue generating opportunity for their business?

We assess how Hospitality has reacted to changes in minimum wage legislation and uncover 5 ways mobile guest-facing technology can save operators such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, casinos and bars from drowning in wage bills by helping to make significant operational improvements even driving much healthier revenues elsewhere in the business at the same time.



About QikServe
Our app lets diners order and pay for food and drinks straight from their smartphone.  Customer data is captured providing valuable insights to power highly personalised and targeted campaigns and to drive greater levels of loyalty.

QikServe is Oracle Hospitality’s first and only mobile order and pay solutions partner.   We are fully integrated with Oracle POS systems and our mobile ordering and payment apps are being used in restaurants, resorts, hotels, cafés, workplaces, universities, hospitals, casinos and bars worldwide.

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