Hungry for Mobile:
How Oracle Simphony and QikServe are orchestrating a brave new cloud-based world for Hospitality

To say we’re pleased to be one of Oracle Hospitality’s first official partners is an understatement.  But where it gets really exciting is when you consider what this means for hospitality operators now that some of the most advanced, cloud-based tech innovations are becoming available to the industry and the ease with which they can now be deployed.

It’s no secret that this industry tends to arrive notoriously late to the tech party and, unsurprisingly, this means cloud-based solutions have suffered the same sluggish fate.  Unlike before, we believe operators have a real opportunity to turn this around with Simphony, which not only gets operators to the party, it’ll make them the life and soul of it too.  On its own, Simphony packs a punch, bringing together the 4 key pillars of smart restaurant management: CRM, customer engagement, on-property transaction processing and back office and business intelligence systems in one, very scalable, cloud-based platform.  When you sprinkle a little QikServe mobile order and pay into the mix, magic really starts happening.  Here’s why.

Configurable but not bespoke.
One thing that’ll really whet operators’ appetites is that QikServe is more set menu then à la carte.  We provide enough configurable features to keep their brand up front and centre but not so much bespoke tailoring that the solution is tied up with professional services rather than doing its thing for their customers and business.  We have a ton out-of-the-box functionality meaning operators can effectively buy an off-the-shelf solution that gives them everything they need in a mobile order and pay solution, and more.

Data. Data. Data.
QikServe lets operators capture those all important customer data insights that can then be analysed and fed back to power targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.  For example, a frequent business-traveller hotel guest has just check-in to their room when their mobile receives a message: “We know you must be tired from all that travelling, if you want to order your usual tomato soup & warm bread, prosciutto & melon and a mint tea, click here and we’ll have it sent straight to your room.”      

In a restaurant setting, this precious data can really help operators move the revenue needle when it comes to up-selling.  Rather than waiters blindly pushing sides, desserts and drinks that the guest might not want, QikServe removes the guesswork and applies some data-led intelligence instead.  Throughout the mobile ordering process, the app can upsell and cross sell items the guest has bought before, keeping track of not only food preferences but custom dishes and preferred payment options too.

Get your foot in the door.
Prime operators for a complete cloud upgrade and help them take their guest-facing tech that extra step.  Setting up and deploying mobile order and pay with QikServe is a quick win compared to other, more unwieldy platform modules. Once the foundations are laid, operators are then in a good position to widen their digital services to customers when and where it suits them best.

Loyalty like you’ve never seen.
The app works seamlessly with operators’ loyalty schemes and provides some pretty robust loyalty capabilities by itself.  Operators can even use mobile order and pay to promote the app itself.  For example, guests can jump the morning rush-hour queue in favour of express pick-up, guaranteeing their free morning coffee with their usual bagel and gaining more points in the process.

Mobile order and pay also sets operators up for smart loyalty, which is a trend they certainly can’t afford to ignore, especially when it comes to their younger customers.  18% of Millennials stopped participating in a program because it lacked a smartphone app, compared to 13% of the general population according to research conducted this year by Colloquy.

With mobile, operators can capture guests’ preferences and behaviour during the order and payment process, they’re able to use that data to tailor the loyalty scheme specifically to the guest.  For example, a customer walks down the street and a message pops up on their phone saying, “Happy Birthday Will!  Do you know you’re 20 meters away from our store? Why not pop in for your favourite: a ham and cheese toastie?  On us.  Our gift to you on your special day!”

So there you have it, 4 great reasons why Simphony and QikServe make a tasty mix when it comes to transforming customer-facing digital services.  Partnerships like this herald exciting changes to the way marketing and loyalty has traditionally been tackled in Hospitality and also makes that that big step onto the Cloud a little smaller and easier for Operators.