We’re hiring:

Chief Marketing Officer

The Company

QikServe was founded in 2011 to develop mobile applications for the restaurant and hospitality industry.  QikServe is a micro-location, self-ordering and payment services tool which allows customers to order and pay for food and drinks at their tables with their smartphones or via kiosk terminals.  QikServe has forged commercial relationships with industry players Oracle Hospitality, formerly MICROS, which is the global leader in enterprise Point of Sale and leading payment engines, such as PayPal, to develop one of the few enterprise integrated applications of its type in the world. 

QikServe’s standard integration gives unique advantage to global hospitality chains who can now implement end to end, fully integrated, self-service solutions to their consumers within days.

The company has been successful in establishing leading big brand clients in Europe & the US and has also closed a recent venture capital investment round to underpin accelerated global growth.

Having proven the concept and acquired funding the objective is now to grow distribution Channels, direct sales and continue to further develop the product.


The Position

The Chief Marketing Officer’s responsibility is to lead the marketing function of Qikserve, providing strategic planning and communications to Stakeholders;

  • Technology partners (e.g. Oracle)
  • Distribution Partners
  • Clients
  • Shareholders
  • External Competitors
  • General Market

To help generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing; using market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising and PR.  Ensuring the company message is distributed across channels and target audiences, to meet sales objectives, through mobile platforms, video and social media.


Responsibilities (key tasks / main responsibilities)

  • Prepare overall Marketing Strategy
  • Establish the marketing budget and track return on investment
  • Develop specific programs of work, with quantifiable objectives to measure results
  • Leverage data and analytics to drive insights, redirect business intelligence strategy
  • Build brand awareness and develop brand guidelines and standards to ensure that all communications align with the brand
  • Commission market research and understand the scale of opportunity across the three target markets; Concessions (ie. Airports, Stadiums, Shopping Malls), Coffee Outlets, Burger Outlets/ Quick Service Restaurants and across three target geographies; US, UK & Europe & RofW (Rest of World)
  • Acquire reliable and comprehensive data on sales and customer experience & develop lead generation/nurturing programs
  • Use & further develop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems
  • Drive investment in digital marketing and roll out technological upgrades
  • Take responsibility for the look and content of the website(s) and social media outlets, maximising visitor conversion e.g. SEO
  • Communicate regularly with other departments and executives, reporting on marketing activity
  • Build a marketing team and provide guidance, motivation and mentoring
  • Contribute to product development; use analytics to drive product development. Create product roadmap and oversee the development of new products
  • Set KPIs and communicate/report regularly to the board on marketing activity and progress
  • Develop segmentation, competitive analysis/market intelligence, prospecting, lead generation, product and market development, pricing, promotions, communications and budgets, sales force effectiveness, strategic planning, services units and revenue retention and growth.
  • Develop and measure key metrics around the business including user acquisition, conversion rates, engagement rates, satisfaction and renewal rates
  • Formalise internal company communications so everyone in the company know what’s going on across all departments
  • Maximise relationship with Oracle partnership.  Training, developing deeper relationships with various teams.


Desired Qualifications & Background Experience;

The ideal candidate should have 5-10 years’ commercial experience in a similar role, ideally working for a Software Technology business at early stage growth.  Solid understanding & experience in B2B Marketing and an awareness of B2C.

Salary: Negotiable and based on experience

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please send your CV in the first instance with a covering letter to jobs@qikserve.com