QikServe Products


The QikServe solution comprises downloadable smartphone Apps for iPhone and Android. The Apps allow the customer to place an order which is routed via the cloud-hosted QikServe platform to the restaurant’s POS. Payment methods can be configured as one or more of: pay the waiter/at the counter; pay via PayPal; pay with credit/debit card. Customer check-ins and order items are tracked in the database for analytics and marketing purposes.

POS Integration

The QikServe platform connects to POS systems using POS Adaptors. These implement the specific API and communications requirements of the specific restaurant operator’s POS. QikServe can also deliver orders directly to a wireless printer.


The QikServe platform implements a number of payment gateways in order to issue payment transactions via the operator’s merchant payment processor.

The QikServe solution is secure and conforms to PCI-DSS requirements for payment card processing. All communications between the Apps, platform, POS, and payment processors is over encrypted (https) connections. All other best-practice security techniques are employed in the data center.

Social Network Integration

QikServe is integrated with social network sites including Facebook and Twitter, and the customer can place a review of the experience. This provides instant and valuable feedback to the operator.


QikServe Engage implements the Hospitality Mobile Marketing vision. Engage has the following features:

  1. Connect with the Customer – capture customer behavior and order history. Establish a mobile communication channel.
  2. Know the Customer – perform data analytics to understand individual customer behavior.
  3. Incentivize the Customer – Construct highly relevant, targetted offers both in and out of venue.
  4. Loyalty – generate loyalty through personalized rewards.

See the Marketing page for an introduction.


QikServe Control is a web-based console application that allows the operator to manage all aspects of the QikServe solution. Configure restaurants and tables, edit menus, create QR codes, generate transaction reports, etc.


QikServe is continually innovating and the vision is translated into a comprehensive, industry-leading product development roadmap.