QikServe Frequently Asked Questions

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What is QikServe?
QikServe is a mobile app and sophisticated cloud-based platform that allows consumers to order and pay for food and drinks straight from their smartphone or mobile device.
What Hospitality sectors can QikServe be used for?
QikServe benefits almost any F&B environment and has been proven within restaurants & bars, travel concessions, hotel room service, and sports stadiums. Our technology is very flexible and is configurable for many service models including counter, semi-counter, quick service and full table service set-ups.
What are the benefits of QikServe?
Consumers spend more using QikServe. Operators have reported significant increases of between 50 and 75% in ATV (Average Transaction Value). Consumer satisfaction also increases by providing choice of when and how to receive service – reducing wait times to order or pay. We capture consumer data, which can be used to provide highly personalised offers and smart loyalty schemes. By processing more electronic payments, QikServe reduces cash handling and fraud.
A number of Oracle customers want both an app and website version of order and pay. Can QikServe deal with that and if so, how does it work?
We have an HTML version of the application that runs alongside the mobile version. The HTML version can be dropped into a web page easily. We can also provide just the HTML version if the customer only wants a web solution.
Is the HTML site responsive?
Yes, completely responsive.
How does QikServe’s payment processing work?
We process the transaction away from the POS as an eCommerce transaction. We use the same acquiring method as the till e.g. if you use Elavon, we can use the same method so the customer only has one reconciliation to do at the end of the night. When we process the payment we simply act as a gateway, we point the customer to the acquiring mechanism they already use.
Can QikServe send credit card information to the POS for verification to be done there?
No, this opens up PCI compliance issues and we would rather not put customer data at risk in this way.
Customers don’t want guests to type in their modifiers, can QikServe set-up varying numbers of modifiers (e.g. no cheese, no lettuce, well done burger etc)?
Yes, we can include as many or as few modifiers as you like.
When the Oracle team is presented with an opportunity, what’s the best way to engage QikServe?
Contact Gillian Jones via email with the enquiry. Gillian will then arrange a call with the prospective client and Oracle to go through requirements together.
Is QikServe integrated into Oracle’s loyalty platform or do we use our own or a 3rd party?
We’re flexible to accommodate customer requirements. Integrating into Oracle’s loyalty platform is on our roadmap and we can also integrate into 3rd party loyalty programmes. We also have our own loyalty capabilities.
Can you maintain order history and link it to the loyalty programme?
Yes, with QikServe v5.
What does the cost structure look like?
Our structure is very similar to the one already in place for the integration layer. We charge a monthly per store fee and for that fee we manage menu updates, provide hosting and support, all product development enhancements are passed on and we set-up each store.
As well as the per-monthly fee, are there any other charges like a one-off set-up fee?
It depends on the size of the opportunity. If it’s a large strategic opportunity, we’ll consider removing the set-up fee. For smaller opportunities (<15 sites), we would charge a set-up fee. We charge $350 to set-up a store. This includes configuring the menu, the integration platform, doing the communications, the customer-facing set-up, setting up payment gateways etc.
Are you able to show nutritional information?
Rudimentary information, yes e.g. calorie information in text form or a link off to webpages of additional information. It’s on our roadmap to do this in a more sophisticated way e.g. integrating with MyFitnessPal app.
Does QikServe have the ability to deal with coupons?
If it’s a coupon system managed by something that’s integrated into Oracle’s POS platform, then our integration with Oracle will be able to handle that.
Is there anything QikServe has been asked for that you cannot currently, i.e. what are the limitations?
Simphony POS/integration platform has a bug so the POS API can’t retrieve all checks. Synchronisation between the integration platform and Simphony 1 doesn’t work properly.
Does QikServe manage the configurations on the POS side?
Yes, for Simphony using the Azure connector, QikServe can do this in 30 mins.
Does QikServe integrate with RES 3700 and is this through the integration platform for RES or through transaction services?
Yes, we integrate with RES 3700 through the integration platform. There are no functionality gaps with RES, everything (Order Ahead, Pay@Table etc) is available through RES right now.
Is QikServe currently working with any RES customers in the US?
No, but we are in discussions with IHOP who are on Res 3700. They’re going through structural changes just now which is delaying progress. We will be working with Hard Rock franchises, which are also on Res 3700.
Has QikServe been approached to do any kiosk work?
Yes, we’re in discussions with KFC in the Netherlands. They’re looking to deploy kiosks but to support that with mobile too. KFC is in discussion with a local distributor on hardware but QikServe software (HTML version of app) will run on the machine.
Is there the ability to do future ordering, to set times and dates on the app so it doesn’t fire immediately to the kitchen once you’ve completed the order?
Yes, we can set fire time on the app e.g. pick-up time. When the order is completed, it is conveyed along with order time to the POS. POS and RES are very good at managing future orders. The order sits in the POS until say, 15 to 30 mins before pick-up time. This can be manually overridden in the POS e.g. if the customer arrives early.
Can you set time, for example a day in advance for a large order?
We’re not able to do that yet. Developers are on the case!
How do you handle changes in pricing of food throughout the day e.g. in the evening when the pricing changes to dinner pricing?
We’ve not come across this requirement with any of our customers and this may be a challenge. Potentially, we could move the pick-up time field to the beginning of the order process so the prices can be presented accordingly.
Can you facilitate group orders?
Yes, we can add to the same check or build something to accommodate group orders, this wouldn’t be difficult.
What types of operations are you involved in within the Hospitality industry?
Casinos, concessions, stadiums, hotel room service, pay at table solutions, full order and pay. Other opportunities we’re pursuing include Burger King and KFC in the Netherlands as well as contract catering with the likes if Aramark and ISS.
How unique is QikServe in terms of knowledge of MyCentral?
We can manage full integration and menu management ourselves. We can take a new prospect from contract to launch in under 2 weeks.
What if after the payment has succeed, the Restaurant is not reachable to transmit the order?
We do authorise and capture. So we authorise the payment, attempt to place the order into store, and take the payment once we have placed a successful order. If we are not able to place the order, payment is not taken. Further, if we are not able to place an order in rea time, no order is placed, we don’t queue orders as its too risky.
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