Show me the money: Driving revenues with Pay at Table 

Do you know it takes an average of 12 minutes between asking for the check and actually paying it?

This waiting is valueless, dead time for operators and a frustrating, inconvenient experience for your guests.

Pay at Table can reduce this wait time from 12 minutes to under 2 minutes meaning you can turn tables faster, drive revenues through additional seatings and make dramatic savings on staff time costs.

Use our revenue and staff time cost calculators to find out how valuable Pay at Table could be to you!

Pay at Table revenue and cost savings calculator

Find out how much potential revenue plus staff time cost savings you could generate per store, per year with Pay at Table.

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Your restaurant is running at one peak period during the day.

Pay at Table saves 10 minutes per check.  (Average time between asking for the check and paying it is 12 minutes, with Pay at Table it is 2 minutes).

Pay at Table saves staff 5 minutes per check