We work with some of the world’s biggest concessions companies to offer their guests the ability to order and pay themselves on any device.  Our fully integrated suite of self-service solutions give ambitious and innovative concession operators that competitive edge when bidding for new customers as well as tackle raising staff costs and queues in time sensitive environments like airports.

Make it Innovative
Offer that extra something when competing for new business. Make sure you stand out by providing the latest in guest-facing self-service order, payment and loyalty.

Keep it Quick
Thanks to mobile, your guests are not only used to immediate and personalized service but expect it.  Keep things moving for them by eliminating queues and speeding up overall service especially in time sensitive locations such as airports and train stations. 

Put a Stop to Spiralling Staff Costs
Struggling with rising labor costs?  Put a stop to it by redistributing staff to higher value areas of your restaurant and supporting them with self-service order and pay technologies during busier periods.

Transform the Guest Experience
Allow your guests to interact and transact with you whenever and however they choose, whether it’s through mobile, web, tablet or kiosk.  Importantly, maintain the context of their journey between each channel ensuring they have the ultimate convenient and personalized experience.

Build Unflagging Loyalty
Drive up customer lifetime value with personalized incentives and a differentiated, convenient self-service experience.  Whether it’s staff or guests, make sure you win the ‘where to eat’ decision every time.




Beat The Minimum Wage Blues

5 ways mobile technology can fight the hike to make your restaurant business stronger than ever

This year, some of the lowest paid workers, mostly in the retail and hospitality industries, will receive a basic pay rise on both sides of the Atlantic.  Great news for staff but how can the many operators, struggling with wage hikes offset these costs or even turn this huge challenge into a revenue generating opportunity for their business?

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QikServe Loyalty eBook

Get Smart: 10 reasons why your restaurant’s loyalty programme is failing you and how to fix them

Loyalty scheme or tepid turn-off? 

We lay bare the restaurant loyalty landscape bringing you 10 key lessons straight from industry leaders of brand loyalty that’ll take your programme out of the Dark Ages and ensure you’ll never lose a customer to a competitor again

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