Service Model Options

Ordering and payment can be configured to get the most out of your specific type of operations. Whether customers order and pay ahead and dine in or place an order with wait staff and pay directly from their device – it’s all possible.

Order & Pay
Everything you need in a single transaction

Ideal when a customer wants to order ahead and pay in a single transaction but dine in. The fully paid order is sent straight to the POS system so the only thing customers needs to do is arrive and settle in at their table knowing their food and drink is already ordered and paid for.

Pay @ Table
Flexible and secure

Let your customers pay when they want, how they want. Whether it’s via PayPal or with their credit or debit card, our payment gateways allow them to do it all. We use numerous payment gateways to issue transactions via your merchant payment processor. If your guest decides to pay using their phone, a notification is sent directly back to the POS system to alert staff so they can close and reset the table. We make sure security is a priority by conforming to PCI-DSS requirements for payment card processing, implementing encrypted communications and strictly adhering to best practice security techniques within the data centre.

Open Order
The ultimate in order convenience

Give your customers the ultimate power and control, not just payment, not just ordering but whatever the customer wants. Rather than your staff returning multiple times to a table when members of a group arrive at different times, customers can place additional food and drink orders for latecomers and it’s automatically added to the check. If someone in the group needs to leave before the end of the dinner, they can simply use the QikServe app, check into the table and pay for the items relevant to them.

Order Ahead
Save valuable time for your guests

Let’s face it, with everyone’s hectic lifestyle, who couldn’t do with an extra few minutes in their day? Save your customers time by providing a convenient means of ordering and paying for exactly what they want ahead of time. Once a customer has placed their order, it’s sent straight to the kitchen for preparation. All your customer needs to do is pick up their food or, if dining in, settle in at their table. Order Ahead helps you streamline your operations and lets your guests avoid any unnecessary wait-time allowing them to start enjoying their meal faster.