The QikServe Solution

As an operator it can be difficult to make small improvements within a venue that lead to big returns. It can be even harder to realise these returns quickly. QikServe offers you just that.

With the speedy deployment of a flexible mobile order, payment and loyalty solution that is right for your service model, you can transform your operations and customer experience and see that all important boost in revenues.


Increase customer order value by 70%!

Stats IconUpsell without the hard sell. Encourage guests to buy more and stay longer with built-in upsell prompts. A recent study of 1,000 transactions from QikServe customers showed an uplift in spend per head of between 50 and 70%.

Upsell is built into QikServe, with prompts coming at the right time throughout the ordering process. It takes the onus off serving teams – they love it because they can concentrate on delivering good service. More importantly, customers love it because it takes the pressure out of ordering, especially when they’re short of time, or it’s busy and they just want to get a table.

Customer Insights

targetted-marketting-iconBoost loyalty, attract new customers and drive additional revenue with targeted marketing campaigns guided by automatic customer data capture and insights. These valuable insights can drive personalised incentives and offer a differentiated customer experience helping to drive loyalty, frequency of visits and extend market reach as well as improve customer lifetime value.


flexible-iconQikServe supports virtually any service model from takeaway and quick service to high end. The system is flexible enough to combine wait-staff ordering and payment with customer ordering and payment through the app – all updating a single check in the POS.

You can use just one aspect of the platform, such as allowing guests to pay their bill at the end of meal, or combine ordering and payment elements to suit different models and mixed service estates.


integration-iconQikServe is partnered with Oracle’s MICROS Platform providing seamless integration with their POS system. We connect to non-MICROS POS using POS Adaptors that implement the specific API and communications requirements of your particular POS system.

The Customer Journey

We believe it’s important to consider the whole customer journey when deploying a successful mobile order and pay solution. Single point apps can enjoy high adoption when supported by marketing but, when removed, falls to minimal levels.

QikServe supports your customers throughout their entire journey from a single application: