Experts in omni-channel self-service solutions

As a Quick Service Restaurant, Concessions Operator or Coffee Chain, it can be difficult to make small improvements across your estate that lead to big returns.  As staff costs mount and pressure grows, it can be even harder to realize these returns quickly.

QikServe has the solution.

With speedy deployment of multi-channel self-service order, payment and loyalty solutions, you can dramatically improve your operations, transform guest experience, reduce staff costs and see that all important boost in revenues.


Stats IconIncrease customer order value by 70%!

Upsell without the hard sell. Encourage guests to buy more and stay longer with built-in upsell prompts. A recent study of 1,000 transactions from QikServe customers showed an uplift in spend per head of between 50 and 70%.

Upsell is built into QikServe, with prompts coming at the right time throughout the ordering process. It takes the onus off serving teams – they love it because they can concentrate on delivering good service. More importantly, customers love it because it takes the pressure out of ordering, especially when they’re short of time, or it’s busy and they just want to get a table.

Power more targeted marketing with customer insights

Boost loyalty, attract new customers and drive additional revenue with targeted marketing campaigns guided by automatic customer data capture and insights. These valuable insights can drive personalized incentives and offer a differentiated customer experience helping to drive loyalty, frequency of visits and extend market reach as well as improve customer lifetime value.

integration-iconBroad integrations for a seamless experience

QikServe is partnered with Oracle’s MICROS Platform providing seamless integrations with their POS system. Our platform also integrates with your other back end systems from loyalty and marketing to payments ensuring a friction-free, truly omni-channel experience.




Mobile Customer Journey
Mobile order and payment offers the ultimate convenience for your guests.  Whether is Click & Collect, Pay@Table or the flexibility of Open Check – mobile can do it all.  And it offers valuable customer insights from automatic data capture during the order and pay process.




Kiosk Customer Journey
Eye catching, high definition, visually rich self-service kiosks are a great way of effective queue busting at your stores.  Customers can browse, order and pay using a highly intuitive interface then all they need to do is pick their order up from the express line when ready.



Tablet Customer Journey
Let your guests enjoy browsing the menu at their table using sleek tablets complete with rich, mouthwatering images of your food. A tableside tablet solution means your guests can order and pay when it suits them without the need to flag down busy wait staff.

The Customer Journey

We believe it’s important to consider the whole customer journey when deploying a successful mobile order and pay solution. Single point apps can enjoy high adoption when supported by marketing but, when removed, falls to minimal levels.

QikServe supports your customers throughout their entire journey from a single application: